Where do the products come from?

At the moment we are still too small to produce our products ourselves, but we pay attention to strict criteria in our purchasing.

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also here you can help us to change something. With every purchase we come closer to our own production, where we can and will achieve the best possible conditions. Until then we have to find a middle way. 

Whenever possible, we try to ensure that our products can meet at least one of these criteria. Which sadly is really hard.


Organic Cotton

Wherever possible we buy products made of organic cotton and refine them ourselves with our motifs here directly at Lake Constance.


Recycled Polyester (rPES)

For some of our products (e.g. our HOOD-KING) PET bottles were even recycled to a certain extent and used for the production of the text lily. 


Fair Wear

We also make sure, as far as we can judge, that the textile workers are compensated for their work. These sellers are preferred by us.

You can find detailed product information about each product in the respective product description on the product pages.