New design drákon (no. 03 )


Connect with the power of the mother-earth to protect yourself.

As you probably know by now, the preservation of the habitats for the animals, respectively the lake, is very important to us. Because we form a big circle in which everyone needs the other and we should pay attention to each other. For this reason we would like to remind you how we once learned from animals instead of subjecting them to us. That’s why we want to tell you with each motif a little story about the animals that live by our side every day. How the Celts who once lived here used it to learn from it. You can decide for yourself if you think the designs are just so cool or if you let them touch you. Drakon tells the story of our reptiles, because it is the word for dragon and stood in symbolic meaning – just like all native reptiles – for overidentification and protection. For the Celts the animal embodied the elemental power of the earth.
It was used by the druids, the Celtic spiritual leaders, as a symbol of protection. This symbol is available on all our textiles (except caps). If you like the story and want to have your own design, simply select it by dropdown on the respective product page below the size selection. With every product sold we support local nature conservation.